Commit 39b217bf authored by Manuel Tancoigne's avatar Manuel Tancoigne

Use template list components

parent c9270c6a
......@@ -10,34 +10,18 @@
<i-column sm="6">
<h2>{{ $t('home.title') }}</h2>
<li v-for="(template, key) in templates" :key="key">
<span v-if="template.lang">[ {{ template.lang }} ]</span>
<router-link :to="{ name: 'renderer', params: { content: key} }">{{ }}</router-link>
<span v-if="template.tags" class="small">
{{ template.tags.join(', ') }}
<div>{{ template.description }}</div>
<template-list />
import templates from '../templates'
import Logo from '../components/Logo'
import TemplateList from '../components/TemplateList'
export default {
name: 'Home',
components: { Logo },
data () {
return {
components: { TemplateList, Logo },
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