Commit 375f62f8 authored by Christoph Junghans's avatar Christoph Junghans

added on cmake work

parent 93d1ec40
LATTE @ 811888db
Subproject commit 95cbf5ffd81f57948704b0464e0a66fbf0252b07
Subproject commit 811888db3bef993ff04dcc92dc123639bad34176
Subproject commit 6032b8846e5fdb55dc7b450d341c24e24060e3ca
Subproject commit 2f6be88c4a4bd8471af5862ad64282668222e3cf
Subproject commit fe5298e7e59b9d262a23ddcc9a83c60f8e907f64
Subproject commit bec3ac29c7f625601db87087afb94ec3fb7eafc5
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