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title: Working through The Little Schemer with Guile and Emacs
date: 2019-09-26 20:21
author: Neil
tags: little-schemer guile emacs
I've been reading through the first chapter of The Little Schemer, and following along in Emacs (specifically: [spacemacs]( I jotted down a few notes on getting set up to do this.
First off you'll need to install a Scheme implementation. There's a few of them out there. This [Reddit thread](
) has some useful discussion on the pros and cons of each of them.
As I'm on Linux and using Emacs, I went with [Guile](
To install on Linux Mint, you just need:
sudo apt install guile-2.2
At this point, you could simply fire up Guile and work within the REPL there, if you wanted.
I want to write my Scheme in Emacs, and then send it to the REPL from there. The preferred Emacs package for that seems to be [geiser]( In spacemacs, geiser comes included with the [scheme layer](, so all you need to do is add that layer into your config and you've got geiser (and some other handy scheme bits and pieces).
Once you're in a scheme file, run `M-x run-geiser`, choose guile from the dropdown, and that'll start up the Guile REPL and allow you to send parts of your file to it for evaluation. `C-x C-e` for example will send the sexp before the cursor.
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