Commit 43a4c5ab authored by Peter Pentchev's avatar Peter Pentchev

Run the program directly in the tests.

parent 5ecec274
......@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ test: all
@echo "=== Basic version/usage functionality"
@echo "=== Long options for version and usage"
......@@ -54,13 +54,13 @@ test: all
${TEST_SCRIPT} --help
@echo "=== Error out on invalid options"
! ${TEST_SCRIPT} --whee
@if [ -r "/proc/net/dev" ]; then \
echo "=== A single run"; \
${PERL} ${TEST_SCRIPT} -n3 -c2; \
${TEST_SCRIPT} -n3 -c2; \
else \
echo "=== Skipping the single run"; \
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