Commit 2a70b11b authored by eternal-flame-AD's avatar eternal-flame-AD

sort tool by priority

parent 495eb2e1
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
<h1 class="display-4">Toolkit</h1>
<p class="lead" data-font="chanyu.ttf">小工具~</p>
{{ range .Paginator.Pages }}
{{ range (.Paginate ( sort .Pages "Params.priority" "desc")).Pages}}
<div class="list-item {{if .Draft}}warning{{end}}">
<h1>{{.Title}}<a href="{{.Permalink}}"><i class="fas fa-link" style="font-size: 30px;padding-left: 5px;"></i></a></h1>
{{ .Content }}
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