Commit c9cf7055 authored by Aleix Pol's avatar Aleix Pol 😾

Pàgina per xarxes socials

Fixes #13
parent 3b319c11
......@@ -5,3 +5,5 @@ main:
url: /que_es/
- title: "Com ho estem fent"
url: /com_ho_estem_fent/
- title: "Segueix-nos!"
url: /segueixnos/
layout: page
permalink: /segueixnos/
toc: false
<link rel="stylesheet" href="" integrity="sha384-QT2Z8ljl3UupqMtQNmPyhSPO/d5qbrzWmFxJqmY7tqoTuT2YrQLEqzvVOP2cT5XW" crossorigin="anonymous">
<i class="fab fa-mastodon" ></i> [](
<i class="fab fa-twitter" ></i> [](
<i class="fab fa-facebook"></i> [](
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