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Ready to release 4.0.

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= reposurgeon project news =
Repository head::
4.0: 2020-01-13::
Production reposurgeon is now in Go.
repocutter now patches mergeinfo references correctly when renumbering.
repotool checkout has a -c option to chdir before operating.
......@@ -805,10 +805,10 @@ Makefile.
4.6 (2017-12-14)::
Recommend PyPy for speeding up large conversions.
Repository head::
4.7 (2020-01-13)::
Reposurgeon has moved to Go.
New section on importing Mercurial repositories.
Track the name change of the mailbox commands.
Reposurgeon has moved to Go.
Google Code is long dead, remove the mention.
// Local Variables:
......@@ -122,7 +122,7 @@ import (
ianaindex ""
const version = "4.0-pre"
const version = "4.0"
// Tuning constants and types
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