Commit c23b29e9 authored by Mike Swanson's avatar Mike Swanson Committed by Eric S. Raymond

Makefile: include dvcs-migration-guide for dist and install

parent b10b9f30
......@@ -20,12 +20,13 @@ SOURCES += \
repotool repotool.xml \
repodiffer repodiffer.xml \ features.asc \
dvcs-migration-guide.asc \
SOURCES += Makefile control reposturgeon.png
all: reposurgeon.1 repotool.1 repodiffer.1 \
reposurgeon.html repotool.html repodiffer.html \
dvcs-migration-guide.html features.html
reposurgeon.1: reposurgeon.xml
xmlto man reposurgeon.xml
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