Commit bcc5c533 authored by Eric S. Raymond's avatar Eric S. Raymond

Improve some stats messages.

parent 269e8e4b
......@@ -7690,7 +7690,7 @@ def data_traverse(self, prompt, hook, attributes, safety):
altered += (content != modified)
announce("%d items modified." % altered)
announce("%d items modified by %s." % (altered, prompt.lower()))
def help_selection(self):
......@@ -8854,9 +8854,9 @@ def do_mailbox_in(self, line):
if verbose:
if not changers:
announce(b"no events modified.")
announce(b"no events modified by mailbox_in.")
announce(b"%d events modified." % len(changers))
announce(b"%d events modified by mailbox_in." % len(changers))
if parse.stdout != sys.stdout:
if b"--changed" in parse.options:
for update in changers:
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