Commit 7b8fc373 authored by Eric S. Raymond's avatar Eric S. Raymond

Make extracor classes hand off to a vcstype.

parent 14313471
reposurgeon project news
Repository head:
hg is now supported through an extractor class, no plugin required.
3.24: 2015-05-31
Fix repository-type detection bug introduced in 3.23.
DVCS Migration HOWTO is now merged into this distribution.
......@@ -75,7 +75,9 @@ version="3.24"
# Extractor classes build the deserialized internal representation directly.
# Each extractor class is a set of VCS-specific methods to be used by the
# RepoStreamer driver class.
# RepoStreamer driver class. Key detail: when a repository is recognized by
# an extractor it sets the repository type to point to the corresponding
# VCS instance.
class VCS:
......@@ -221,10 +223,9 @@ bzr-orphans
cookies=(VCS.nobug + VCS.bare_numeric,),
notes=b"Requires the bzr-fast-import plugin."),
# Export is tested and works; import is flaky.
exporter=b" --marks /dev/null --mapping /dev/null --heads /dev/null --status /dev/null --repo .",
styleflags={b"import-defaults", b"nl-after-comment", b"export-progress"},
initializer=b"hg init",
......@@ -235,9 +236,9 @@ bzr-orphans
cookies=(VCS.bare_numeric, r"\b[0-9a-f]{40}\b"),
notes=b"The hg export-import methods are not part of stock Mercurial."),
notes=b"The hg fastimport method is not part of stock Mercurial."),
# Styleflags may need tweaking for round-tripping
......@@ -649,6 +650,7 @@ class GitExtractor(Extractor):
# test for the generic RepoStreamer code and a model for future
# extractors.
name = "git-extractor"
vcstype = next(vcstype for vcstype in vcstypes if == "git")
subdirectory = ".git"
visible = False
properties = False
......@@ -729,8 +731,9 @@ class HgExtractor(Extractor):
# after the hg extractor runs the tip (most recent revision on any branch)
# will be checked out.
name = "hg-extractor"
vcstype = next(vcstype for vcstype in vcstypes if == "hg")
subdirectory = ".hg"
visible = False
visible = True
properties = False
ignorename = ".hgignore"
def find_revision_ids(self, baton):
......@@ -786,7 +789,7 @@ class HgExtractor(Extractor):
super(HgExtractor, self).post_extract(repo)
capture(b"hg update -C tip")
for event in repo:
# FIXME: Deal with the possibility that we may already have a master
# FIXME: Deal with the possibility that we may already have a master
if isinstance(event, Commit):
if event.branch == "default":
......@@ -2653,6 +2656,7 @@ class RepoStreamer:
tag.remember(repo, target=c)
repo.vcs = self.extractor.vcstype
return repo
# Stream parsing
......@@ -6125,7 +6129,7 @@ def read_repo(source, options, preferred):
if preferred and !=
subdir = os.path.join(source, possible.subdirectory)
if os.path.exists(subdir) and os.path.isdir(subdir):
if os.path.exists(subdir) and os.path.isdir(subdir) and possible.exporter:
vcs = possible
hitcount += 1
for possible in extractors:
......@@ -8252,7 +8256,7 @@ preference to the type of that repository.
for option in file_filters:
print(b"read and write have a --format=%s option that supports %s files."
% (option, option.capitalize()))
if any(ext.visible for ext in extractors):
if any(ext.visible and not ext.vcstype for ext in extractors):
print(b"Other systems supported for read only: %s\n" \
% " ".join( for ext in extractors if ext.visible))
......@@ -846,7 +846,7 @@ list of paths to be restored from the backup directory after a
<command>rebuild</command>. Each argument, if any, is interpreted as a
pathname. The current preserve list is displayed afterwards.</para>
<para>It is only necessary to use this command if your version-control
<para>It is only necessary to use this feature if your version-control
system lacks a command to list files under version control. Under
systems with such a command (which include git and hg), all files that
are neither beneath the repository dot directory nor under reposurgeon
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