Commit 5da66c91 authored by Edward Cree's avatar Edward Cree Committed by Eric S. Raymond

Allow reading from FOO-extractor if FOO is the preferred type

Otherwise, after reading from hg-extractor, the preferred type is
 'hg' and we can't read again from hg-extractor (which might be
parent 6bdc5d2e
......@@ -6213,7 +6213,7 @@ def read_repo(source, options, preferred):
vcs = possible
hitcount += 1
for possible in extractors:
if preferred and !=
if preferred and not in [, + "-extractor"]:
subdir = os.path.join(source, possible.subdirectory)
if os.path.exists(subdir) and os.path.isdir(subdir):
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