Commit 5c3ed7c2 authored by Eric S. Raymond's avatar Eric S. Raymond

Restore correctness of blob test.

parent 2af5a2d2
......@@ -6010,10 +6010,10 @@ def remark(m, e):
markmap[event.mark] = origin + newcount
newcount += 1
for event in
for fld in (b"mark", b"committish"):
for fld in (b"mark", b"committish", b"ref"):
old = getattr(event, fld)
if old is not None:
if old is not None and old.startswith(":"):
new = remark(old, event)
if debug_enable(DEBUG_UNITE):
announce(b"renumbering %s -> %s in %s.%s" % (old, new,
......@@ -6022,13 +6022,6 @@ def remark(m, e):
setattr(event, fld, new)
except AttributeError:
for commit in self.commits():
for fileop in commit.operations():
if fileop.op == b"M" and fileop.ref.startswith(b":"):
new = remark(fileop.ref, fileop)
if debug_enable(DEBUG_UNITE):
announce(b"renumbering %s -> %s in fileop" % (fileop.ref, new))
fileop.ref = new
if baton:
......@@ -9443,7 +9436,7 @@ def do_add(self, line):
except ValueError:
raise Recoverable(b"non-numeric mark %s in add command" % mark)
if not isinstance(repo.objfind(mark), Blob):
raise Recoverable(b"mark %s in add command does not refer to a blob")
raise Recoverable(b"mark %s in add command does not refer to a blob" % mark)
elif markval >= min(self.selection):
raise Recoverable(b"mark %s in add command is after add location" % mark)
path = fields[3]
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