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Amplify the remarks about CSP.

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......@@ -742,10 +742,17 @@ system does what a type system is supposed to do, which is express
program invariants and assist understanding of its operational
The CSP-derived concurrency primitives are a spectacular success
that compensates me for the irritations in the rest of the language.
After finishing the straight-through translation I was able to add
speedups via concurrent goroutines with very little difficulty.
Translation from Python, which is a dreadful language to try to do
concurrency in due to its global interpreter lock, really brought home
to me how unobtrusively brilliant the Go implementation of
Communicating Sequential Processes is. The primitives are right and
the integration with the rest of the language is wonderfully
seamless. The Go port of reposurgeon got some very large speedups at
an incremental-complexity cost that I found to be astonishingly low.
I am impressed both by the power of the CSP part of the design and the
extreme simplicity and non-fussiness of the interface it presents. I
hope it will become a model for how concurrency is managed in future
I've also seen a maintainability benefit from how easy Go makes it to
write unit tests in parallel with code.
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