Count source lines of code in a project. This is a faster implementation (in Go) of David A. Wheeler's sloccount tool. It handles a wider spread of languages, as well.

= README for loccount =
by Eric S. Raymond
November 2016

loccount is a re-implementation of David A. Wheeler's sloccount tool
in Go.  It is faster and handles more different languages. Because
it's one source file in Go, it is easier to maintain and extend than the
multi-file, multi-language implementation of the original.

The algorithms are largely unchanged and can be expected to produce
identical numbers for languages supported by both tools.  Python is
an exception; loccount corrects buggy counting of single-quote multiline
literals in sloccount 2.26.

You can run a self-test with 'make check'.  The sample sources are in
the test/ subdirectory.

You can profile this code with, e.g.

loccount -cpuprofile /tmp/loc.prof .

go tool pprof loccount /tmp/loc.prof

"top20" is a useful command to start with in viewing results.