A game of consumption. Eat as much as you can before munching yourself into a corner!

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			Welcome to greed

This game is now maintained by Eric S. Raymond <>.  Matt
Day dropped out of sight and hasn't posted a new version or patch since 1990.
You can surf to the latest version from

The 3.1 version features better interrupt handling and the `p' suffix to

The 4.x versions change the scorefile format to allow longer usernames and
include a timestamp.  If the shared scorefile isn't writable, scores are
written and read from ~/greedscores.

Note: you need to have xmlto installed to build the documentation.

Welcome to Greed v3.0a!
To install Greed, simply edit the Makefile to configure your system type, and
run "make install".  It should compile the program and install it correctly.
It does run set-uid, but there is no danger of security problems.

New features to v3.0a:

I certainly hope that no patches need to be made to this game. (Yeah, sure..)
Although this might not validate a true version step from 2.1a to 3.0, I think
the archives will be happier with a reset version.  On with the new features..

With Microsoft C 5.1 and PCCurses, you can get Greed running on your PC.
In fact, I'll bet a port to Turbo C 2.0 wouldn't be very hard at all, but I
use Microsoft.  The whole port was done by Fred C. Smith, more info on him
can be found at the top of greed.c.  All bug reports pertaining to the DOS
port should be directed to the address of Fred specified in greed.c.

Additions to v3.0a (game-wise):
Replaced '-p' option with 'p' command, to allow toggling of the highlighting
moves feature.  Pretty nice, I think.. thanks to Jim Prescott.

Color curses, for users with color capabilities (color monitor & SVR3).
See the top of greed.c for details.

Couple of possible pointer problems fixed, thanks to David Connet for pointing
them out.

Who knows what else.. I didn't bother to write them down, but more than just
this did get done.  Trust me!

I do not take credit for inventing the game, I once saw it on an IBM,
and wrote it for Unix in C.

If anyone has a comment or problem, please mail them to

Here's the current high score file at Orem High School:
Rank  Score  Name     Percentage
1     1542   stay     88.72%		/* Has _anyone_ beaten this? */
2     1504   ndes     86.54%
3     1504   dvar     86.54%
4     1501   stay     86.36%
5     1497   stay     86.13%
6     1490   skel     85.73%
7     1464   dvar     84.23%
8     1463   stay     84.18%
9     1463   stay     84.18%
10    1460   stay     84.00%

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| ..!uunet!iconsys!mday (  | with anything original. |