Lift documents in {n,t}roff markups to XML-DocBook.


The doclifter program translates documents written in troff macros to DocBook.

Lifting documents from presentation level to semantic level is hard, and
a really good job requires human polishing.  This tool aims to do everything
that can be mechanized, and to preserve any troff-level information that might
have structural implications in XML comments.

This tool does the hard parts.  TBL tables are translated into DocBook
table markup, PIC into SVG, and EQN into MathML (relying on pic2svg
and GNU eqn for the last two).

Install by doing, "make install". To install to a prefix other than
the default (/usr), set a PREFIX environment variable
e.g. "PREFIX=/usr/local make -e install"

Test loads are included in the distribution; do "make check" to run
the regression tests.  The code has been live tested in about the most
brutal possible way; it has been run against every single man page in
all sections of a desktop Ubuntu installation.  It lifts over 93% of
these pages without requiring any hand-hacking.

There is a detailed change log in the NEWS file.