File Templates for NetSuite's SuiteScript 2.0 that can be used in WebStorm.

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This project contains file templates that can be used by NetSuite developers who use the WebStorm IDE to generate SuiteScript 2.0 script templates.


  1. Download the zip of the source
  2. Extract the archive
  3. Close all instances of WebStorm.
  4. Copy the fileTemplates folder to ~/.WebStorm[Version Number]/config/

To prevent a known but undetermined error when generating template files:

  1. Open WebStorm and go to Settings > Editor > File and Code Templates
  2. Uncheck Reformat according to style for all "SS2 *" templates


SuiteScript templates can be used just like any other WebStorm file template. Just click File > New and select the "SS2 *" script type you'd like to insert.

For script types with multiple entry-point handlers, you will be prompted for which functions you'd like to generate in the template. Simply put a y in the box for each function you'd like to generate. You don't need to put anything in for the functions you don't want.

Recommended plugins

I recommend also using the Global File Template Variables plugin to define the author, email, and organization variables for all templates.