Commit 99c1aa8f authored by Emeric Verschuur's avatar Emeric Verschuur

[ci-toolbox] Fix typo in job-executor option declaration

parent 9eb7d002
......@@ -440,7 +440,7 @@ $(for j in "${CITBX_JOB_LIST[@]}"; do echo " $j"; done | sort -u)"
bashopts_declare -n CITBX_DOCKER_LOGIN_MODE -l docker-login -d "Execute docker login" -t enum \
-e "enabled" -e "disabled" -e "auto" -v "${CITBX_DEFAULT_DOCKER_LOGIN_MODE:-disabled}"
bashopts_declare -n CITBX_JOB_EXECUTOR -l job-executor -o e \
-d "Job executor type (only docker or shell is sypported yet)" -t enum \
-d "Job executor type (only docker or shell is supported yet)" -t enum \
-v "$(test -n "$CITBX_DEFAULT_DOCKER_IMAGE" && echo "docker" || echo "shell" )" \
-e 's|shell' -e 'd|docker'
bashopts_declare -n CITBX_RUN_JOB_DEPENDENCIES -l with-dependencies -t boolean \
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