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# Changelog
## 5.3.0
* [ci-toolbox] Update CITBX_VERSION from VERSION file
* [wrapper] Improve bash completion mode detection when the local ci-toolbox/ file is used (useful during development process)
* [bashopts] Update version with the fix of enumeration type to support values with spaces
* [ci-toolbox] Move job run part into citbx_run_job
* [ci-toolbox] Rewrite Gitlab-CI file treatment parts like image, services and scripts objects
* [ci-toolbox] Add pipeline feature
* [tests] Add the test suite (tests/
## 5.2.1
* [ci-toolbox] Fix CITBX_VERSION_REQ_MIN test to prevent recursive 'ci-toolbox setup' call
* [wrapper] Improve existing file detection (file command not enough reliable)
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