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My Personal Dotfiles
# What's in here
There are three parts here
* ~/.config in /config
* ~/ in /userdir
* Window Manager, in their own directories
-- -- --
# Window Manager Screenshot
* [README Fluxbox][readme-fluxbox]
* [README Openbox][readme-openbox]
* [README Awesome][readme-awesome]
* [README XMonad][readme-xmonad]
-- -- --
# ~/.config
## Ricing:
* Midnight Commander, Powerline, Termite
-- -- --
# Userdir
* .bashrc, ,.vimrc
* mpd, ncmpcpp
* yaourtrc
-- -- --
set background=light
hi clear
if exists("syntax_on")
syntax reset
let colors_name = "pyte"
if version >= 700
hi CursorLine guibg=#f6f6f6
hi CursorColumn guibg=#eaeaea
hi MatchParen guifg=white guibg=#80a090 gui=bold
hi TabLine guifg=black guibg=#b0b8c0 gui=italic
hi TabLineFill guifg=#9098a0
hi TabLineSel guifg=black guibg=#f0f0f0 gui=italic,bold
"P-Menu (auto-completion)
hi Pmenu guifg=white guibg=#808080
" Html-Titles
hi Title guifg=#202020 gui=bold
hi Underlined guifg=#202020 gui=underline
hi Cursor guifg=black guibg=#b0b4b8
hi lCursor guifg=black guibg=white
hi LineNr guifg=#ffffff guibg=#c0d0e0
hi Normal guifg=#404850 guibg=#f0f0f0
hi StatusLine guifg=white guibg=#8090a0 gui=bold,italic
hi StatusLineNC guifg=#506070 guibg=#a0b0c0 gui=italic
hi VertSplit guifg=#a0b0c0 guibg=#a0b0c0 gui=NONE
" hi Folded guifg=#708090 guibg=#c0d0e0
hi Folded guifg=#a0a0a0 guibg=#e8e8e8 gui=italic
hi NonText guifg=#c0c0c0 guibg=#e0e0e0
" Kommentare
hi Comment guifg=#a0b0c0 gui=italic
" Konstanten
hi Constant guifg=#a07040
hi String guifg=#4070a0
hi Number guifg=#40a070
hi Float guifg=#70a040
"hi Statement guifg=#0070e0 gui=NONE
" Python: def and so on, html: tag-names
hi Statement guifg=#007020 gui=bold
" HTML: arguments
hi Type guifg=#e5a00d gui=italic
" Python: Standard exceptions, True&False
hi Structure guifg=#007020 gui=italic
hi Function guifg=#06287e gui=italic
hi Identifier guifg=#5b3674 gui=italic
hi Repeat guifg=#7fbf58 gui=bold
hi Conditional guifg=#4c8f2f gui=bold
" Cheetah: #-Symbol, function-names
hi PreProc guifg=#1060a0 gui=NONE
" Cheetah: def, for and so on, Python: Decorators
hi Define guifg=#1060a0 gui=bold
hi Error guifg=red guibg=white gui=bold,underline
hi Todo guifg=#a0b0c0 guibg=NONE gui=italic,bold,underline
" Python: %(...)s - constructs, encoding
hi Special guifg=#70a0d0 gui=italic
hi Operator guifg=#408010
" color of <TAB>s etc...
"hi SpecialKey guifg=#d8a080 guibg=#e8e8e8 gui=italic
hi SpecialKey guifg=#d0b0b0 guibg=#f0f0f0 gui=none
" Diff
hi DiffChange guifg=NONE guibg=#e0e0e0 gui=italic,bold
hi DiffText guifg=NONE guibg=#f0c8c8 gui=italic,bold
hi DiffAdd guifg=NONE guibg=#c0e0d0 gui=italic,bold
hi DiffDelete guifg=NONE guibg=#f0e0b0 gui=italic,bold
" Vim syntax file
" Language: i3-wm config file
" Maintainer: Emanuel Guével
" Latest Revision: 16 October 2012
if exists("b:current_syntax")
" Symbols
syn match i3Operators "+\|→"
syn match i3ChainDelimiter ";"
syn match i3Var "\$\w\+"
" Key modifiers
syn keyword i3KeyModifier Shift Control Ctrl Mod1 Mod2 Mod3 Mod4 Mod5 Mode_switch
" Strings
syn region i3SimpleString keepend start='[^ \t]' end='$\|;' contained contains=i3ChainDelimiter,i3Var
syn match i3QuotedString '"[^"]\+"' contained
syn cluster i3String contains=i3SimpleString,i3QuotedString
" Config commands
syn keyword i3ConfigCommand bind bindcode bindsym assign new_window popup_during_fullscreen font floating_modifier default_orientation workspace_layout for_window focus_follows_mouse bar position colors output tray_output workspace_buttons workspace_auto_back_and_forth binding_mode_indicator debuglog floating_minimum_size floating_maximum_size force_focus_wrapping force_xinerama force_display_urgency_hint hidden_state modifier new_float shmlog socket_path verbose mouse_warping strip_workspace_numbers
syn match i3IpcSocket "ipc[-_]socket" nextgroup=@i3String skipwhite
" Command keywords
syn keyword i3Command exit reload restart kill fullscreen global layout border focus move open split append_layout mark unmark resize grow shrink show nop rename
syn keyword i3Param 1pixel default stacked tabbed normal none tiling stacking floating enable disable up down horizontal vertical auto up down left right parent child px or ppt leave_fullscreen toggle mode_toggle scratchpad width height top bottom client hide primary yes all active window container to absolute center on off x ms h v smart ignore pixel splith splitv output true
syn match i3DashedParam '--release' skipwhite
syn match i3NoStartupId '--no-startup-id' contained
syn keyword i3WsSpecialParam next prev next_on_output prev_on_output back_and_forth current number
syn keyword i3BordersSpecialParam none vertical horizontal both
syn keyword i3ModeParam dock hide invisible skipwhite
" these are not keywords but we add them for consistency
syn keyword i3PseudoParam no false inactive
" Exec commands
syn region i3ExecCommand keepend start='[^ \t]' end='$\|;' contained contains=i3ChainDelimiter,i3Var,i3NoStartupId
syn match i3QuotedExecCommand '"[^"]\+"' contained
syn keyword i3ExecKeyword exec exec_always i3bar_command nextgroup=i3QuotedExecCommand,i3ExecCommand skipwhite
" Status command
syn match i3StatusCommand ".*$" contained
syn keyword i3StatusCommandKeyword status_command nextgroup=i3StatusCommand skipwhite
" Font statement
syn keyword i3FontStatement font nextgroup=@i3String skipwhite
" Set statement
syn match i3SetVar "\$\w\+" contained nextgroup=@i3String skipwhite
syn keyword i3SetKeyword set nextgroup=i3SetVar skipwhite
" Workspaces
syn keyword i3WsKeyword workspace nextgroup=i3WsSpecialParam,@i3String skipwhite
" Hide edge borders
syn keyword i3BordersConfigCommand hide_edge_borders nextgroup=i3BordersSpecialParam skipwhite
" Mode
syn keyword i3ModeKeyword mode nextgroup=i3ModeParam,@i3String skipwhite
" Comments
syn keyword i3Todo contained TODO FIXME XXX NOTE
syn match i3Comment "^\s*#.*$" contains=i3Todo
" Error (at end of line)
syn match i3Error ".*$" contained
" Hex color code
syn match i3ColorLast "#[0-9a-fA-F]\{6\}" contained nextgroup=i3Error skipwhite
syn match i3Color2nd "#[0-9a-fA-F]\{6\}" contained nextgroup=i3ColorLast skipwhite
syn match i3Color1st "#[0-9a-fA-F]\{6\}" contained nextgroup=i3Color2nd skipwhite
syn match i3ColorDef1 "client\.background\|statusline\|background\|separator\|statusline" nextgroup=i3ColorLast skipwhite
syn match i3ColorDef3 "client\.\(focused_inactive\|focused\|unfocused\|urgent\)\|inactive_workspace\|urgent_workspace\|focused_workspace\|active_workspace" nextgroup=i3Color1st skipwhite
highlight link i3ChainDelimiter Operator
highlight link i3Operators Operator
highlight link i3ExecCommand Special
highlight link i3QuotedExecCommand Special
highlight link i3StatusCommand Special
highlight link i3Param Constant
highlight link i3PseudoParam Constant
highlight link i3DashedParam Constant
highlight link i3NoStartupId Constant
highlight link i3Color1st Constant
highlight link i3Color2nd Constant
highlight link i3ColorLast Constant
highlight link i3WsSpecialParam Constant
highlight link i3BordersSpecialParam Constant
highlight link i3ModeParam Constant
highlight link i3Var Identifier
highlight link i3SetVar Identifier
highlight link i3KeyModifier Function
highlight link i3SimpleString String
highlight link i3QuotedString String
highlight link i3WsName String
highlight link i3QuotedWsName String
highlight link i3SetValue String
highlight link i3Font String
highlight link i3ExecKeyword Keyword
highlight link i3Command Keyword
highlight link i3WsKeyword Keyword
highlight link i3ColorDef1 Define
highlight link i3ColorDef3 Define
highlight link i3ConfigCommand Define
highlight link i3IpcSocket Define
highlight link i3SetKeyword Define
highlight link i3ModeKeyword Define
highlight link i3FontStatement Define
highlight link i3StatusCommandKeyword Define
highlight link i3BordersConfigCommand Define
highlight link i3Todo Todo
highlight link i3Comment Comment
highlight link i3Error Error
" All system-wide defaults are set in $VIMRUNTIME/archlinux.vim (usually just
" /usr/share/vim/vimfiles/archlinux.vim) and sourced by the call to :runtime
" you can find below. If you wish to change any of those settings, you should
" do it in this file (/etc/vimrc), since archlinux.vim will be overwritten
" everytime an upgrade of the vim packages is performed. It is recommended to
" make changes after sourcing archlinux.vim since it alters the value of the
" 'compatible' option.
" This line should not be removed as it ensures that various options are
" properly set to work with the Vim-related packages.
runtime! archlinux.vim
" If you prefer the old-style vim functionalty, add 'runtime! vimrc_example.vim'
" Or better yet, read /usr/share/vim/vim74/vimrc_example.vim or the vim manual
" and configure vim to your own liking!
let $PYTHONPATH='/usr/lib/python3.5/site-packages'
set number
set laststatus=2
syntax on
colo pyte
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ XMonad
+ Statusbar: Dzen2<br>
+ Run: xmonad.hs, man xmonad
[![Self Explanatory][image-ss-self-explanatory]{: .img-responsive }][picasa-ss-self-explanatory]
![Self Explanatory][picasa-ss-self-explanatory]
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