Commit 84ea952d authored by epsi sayidina's avatar epsi sayidina

fluxbox config: keys

parent c6be5423
......@@ -135,3 +135,10 @@ Control Mod4 F9 :TakeToWorkspace 9
Control Mod4 F10 :TakeToWorkspace 10
Control Mod4 F11 :TakeToWorkspace 11
Control Mod4 F12 :TakeToWorkspace 12
# custom keybind
Mod4 Return :Exec xfce4-terminal
Mod4 d :Exec i3-dmenu-desktop
Mod4 Mod1 d :Exec dmenu_run
Mod4 Shift d :Exec rofi -show run -opacity 90
Mod4 Ctrl d :Exec rofi -show window -opacity 90
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