Commit 473bf88e authored by epsi sayidina's avatar epsi sayidina

xfce4: kulgram: xfwm4 theme

parent 08ab5b6c
# ANSI Color -- use these variables to easily have different color
# and format output. Make sure to output the reset sequence after
# colors (f = foreground, b = background), and use the 'off'
# feature for anything you turn on.
blackf="${esc}[30m"; redf="${esc}[31m"; greenf="${esc}[32m"
yellowf="${esc}[33m" bluef="${esc}[34m"; purplef="${esc}[35m"
cyanf="${esc}[36m"; whitef="${esc}[37m"
blackb="${esc}[40m"; redb="${esc}[41m"; greenb="${esc}[42m"
yellowb="${esc}[43m" blueb="${esc}[44m"; purpleb="${esc}[45m"
cyanb="${esc}[46m"; whiteb="${esc}[47m"
boldon="${esc}[1m"; boldoff="${esc}[22m"
italicson="${esc}[3m"; italicsoff="${esc}[23m"
ulon="${esc}[4m"; uloff="${esc}[24m"
invon="${esc}[7m"; invoff="${esc}[27m"
spc=' '
# note in this first use that switching colors doesn't require a reset
# first - the new color overrides the old one.
cat << EOF
${boldon}${whitef} ▄▄▄${reset} │ Kulgram lanjutan: XFWM4 Theme │
${boldon}${whitef} ▄█████▄▄ ${reset}${spc}${spc}${spc}
${boldon}${whitef}███${cyanb}▀▀▀▀${blackb}${cyanb}${blackb}${cyanb}${reset} │ Minggu, 15 April 2018 ${spc}
${boldon}${whitef}███${cyanb}${boldoff}${blackf}▀ ▀${reset}${cyanf}${reset} │ Pukul 20:00 WIB ${spc}
${boldon}${whitef}${cyanb} ${reset}${boldon}${whitef}█████▄ ${boldoff}${redf}█▄${reset}${spc}${spc} ${spc}
${boldoff}${redf}▀▀${reset}${boldon}${redb}${whitef}${cyanb}${redb}▄▄▄${reset}${boldoff}${redf}▀██▀${reset} │ Telegram : @dotfiles_id │
${boldon}${whitef} ██▀▀▀██▀ ${boldoff}${redf}${reset} │ Pemateri : Pakde epsi ${spc}
${boldon}${whitef} ▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀${reset} │ Siapkan : Baca log sebelumnya │
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