Commit 0e4d79d8 authored by epsi sayidina's avatar epsi sayidina

openbox: menu: shutdown

parent 16710426
......@@ -3,15 +3,15 @@
<action name="Exit" />
<item label="Suspend">
<action name="Execute"><execute>sudo pm-suspend</execute></action>
<action name="Execute"><execute>xterm -e sudo pm-suspend</execute></action>
<item label="Hibernate">
<action name="Execute"><execute>sudo pm-hibernate</execute></action>
<action name="Execute"><execute>xterm -e sudo pm-hibernate</execute></action>
<item label="Reboot">
<action name="Execute"><execute>sudo reboot</execute></action>
<action name="Execute"><execute>xterm -e sudo reboot</execute></action>
<item label="Shutdown">
<action name="Execute"><execute>sudo poweroff</execute></action>
<action name="Execute"><execute>xterm -e sudo poweroff</execute></action>
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