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Greeting: Syawal 1442H: all repo

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......@@ -69,6 +69,12 @@ cat << EOF
│ Functional Programming and Data Science │
│ SSG and Web Development Blog │
│ Linux/BSD Desktop Customization │
${redf}▒▒▒▒${reset} ${boldon}${redf}▒▒${reset} ${greenf}▒▒▒▒${reset} ${boldon}${greenf}▒▒${reset} ${yellowf}▒▒▒▒${reset} ${boldon}${yellowf}▒▒${reset} ${bluef}▒▒▒▒${reset} ${boldon}${bluef}▒▒${reset} ${purplef}▒▒▒▒${reset} ${boldon}${purplef}▒▒${reset} ${redf}▒▒▒▒${reset} ${boldon}${redf}▒▒${reset}
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