## 1.7.0 (2022-12-07)

* Introduce Service Now magic redirects, for INCIDENT (INCxxxxxx), CHANGE 
  (CHGxxxxxx), CTASK, OUTAGE (OUTxxxxxx), KnowledgeBase (KBxxxxxx), RITM, IDEA, 
  PRB, SVC, RSK and AUD.
* The API endpoint `aliases` now accept params for sorting the results.
* Any alias's owner can now add other owners. For now, only Go's admin can
  delete an owner.
* The whole metrics and monitoring have been updated.
* QR code for Go's URL are now configurable (https://go.epfl.ch/qr/{alias})
* Backoffice has now a loader and has been update to [React Router](https://reactrouter.com) v6