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Entgra IoT Server 3.6.0

Entgra IoT Server is the successor of WSO2 IoT server and includes the capability to manage mobile devices(MDM), manage applications(MAM) and IoT devices in a single environment. It provides best of breed technologies for device manufacturers to develop connected smart products as well as anyone looking for a well established EMM solution to manage devices in their organizations. Entgra IoTs 3.6.0 pays special focus to Kiosk devices and many other EMM improvements.

What's new in Entgra IoTs 3.6.0

  1. Ability to add operations to groups/lists of devices
  2. Install certificates in iOS and Android devices
  3. Ability to add third-party applications as VPN providers for Android devices (Always on VPN)
  4. Ability to measure data usage in Android Devices
  5. Ability to configure third-party applications remotely in Android Devices
  6. New Restrictions for Android Devices in Device Owner Mode
  7. Disallow set wallpaper
  8. Disallow Bluetooth
  9. Disallow Bluetooth sharing
  10. Disallow data roaming
  11. Disallow set user icon
  12. Disallow remote management profile
  13. Disallow remove user
  14. Disallow autofill
  15. Improvements to Android Kiosk Mode
  16. Support for iOS Kiosk Mode
  17. New API to install/remove external profiles on Apple devices.
  18. New API to permanently delete devices
  19. New API to query devices based on device properties
  20. New API to notifiy agents that a server upgrade has taken place
  21. Multiple bug fixes and improvements in UI and APIs


Documentations: Entgra IoT Server Documentation

Known Issues

The known set of issues this version can be found here

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We encourage you to use stackoverflow for IoT and EMM issues to engage with developers as well as other users.

For more information about Entgra IoT Server, please see https://entgra.io or contact us.

Thank you for your interest in Entgra IoT Server.

The Entgra IoT Server Team