Commit f3ab47de authored by Jesper Pedersen's avatar Jesper Pedersen Committed by Daniel P. Berrange

Remove unused adjust_wrap_width method

The adjust_wrap_width method in the session browser no
longer does anything useful, since the filename was
removed. Delete the code.
Signed-off-by: default avatarDaniel P. Berrange <>
parent 8c28c603
......@@ -2045,27 +2045,6 @@ entangle_session_browser_layout_row(EntangleSessionBrowser *browser,
static void
adjust_wrap_width(EntangleSessionBrowser *browser)
gint wrap_width = 50;
/* Here we go with the same old guess, try the icon size and set double
* the size of the first icon found in the list, naive but works much
* of the time */
if (browser->priv->items) {
entangle_session_browser_set_cell_data(browser, browser->priv->items->data);
&wrap_width, NULL);
wrap_width = MAX(wrap_width * 2, 50);
static void
entangle_session_browser_layout(EntangleSessionBrowser *browser)
......@@ -2083,9 +2062,6 @@ entangle_session_browser_layout(EntangleSessionBrowser *browser)
priv->layout_idle_id = 0;
/* Update the wrap width for the text cell before going and requesting sizes */
adjust_wrap_width (browser);
/* Update the context widths for any invalidated items */
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