Commit b460d86a authored by Daniel P. Berrange's avatar Daniel P. Berrange

Skip redraw of items without size allocated

In the session browser, it is possible for the item draw
routine to be invoked before a width/height has been set.
This makes pixman rather unhappy, so skip the drawing
operation in this case
Signed-off-by: default avatarDaniel P. Berrange <>
parent fefe2c36
......@@ -1027,7 +1027,7 @@ entangle_session_browser_queue_draw_item(EntangleSessionBrowser *browser,
rect.width = item_area->width + priv->item_padding * 2;
rect.height = item_area->height + priv->item_padding * 2;
if (priv->bin_window)
if (priv->bin_window && item_area->width != -1 && item_area->height != -1)
gdk_window_invalidate_rect(priv->bin_window, &rect, TRUE);
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