Commit 3d73837a authored by Daniel P. Berrange's avatar Daniel P. Berrange

Update for 0.3.2 release

parent 108b632b
Entangle News
Release 0.3.2 - 2012-04-03
* Major code style cleanup
* Mark all translatable strings in code & UI files
* Register with Transifex for translations via Fedora team
* Pull in translations (German, Polish, Ukrainian,
Japanese: full, Spanish, Chinese: partial).
* Add m4 macros for compiler warnings, missing from
previous release dist.
Release 0.3.1 - 2012-02-13
dnl Process this file with autoconf to produce a configure script.
AC_INIT([entangle], [0.3.1])
AC_INIT([entangle], [0.3.2])
dnl Make automake keep quiet about wildcards & other GNUmake-isms
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