Commit 3d588780 authored by Jesper Pedersen's avatar Jesper Pedersen Committed by Daniel P. Berrange

Set sane default values for processing raw files

Set some default parameters for libraw so that it processes files
using the typical camera defaults. This should give better results,
particularly with Canon raw files.
parent d234ad27
......@@ -141,6 +141,17 @@ static GdkPixbuf *entangle_pixbuf_open_image_master_raw(EntangleImage *image)
goto cleanup;
Use default camera parameters to display image
Real work needs to done by a RAW developer anyway
raw->params.use_camera_wb = 1;
raw->params.use_auto_wb = 1;
raw->params.use_camera_matrix = 1;
raw->params.document_mode = 0;
raw->params.user_qual = 0;
raw->params.fbdd_noiserd = 1;
ENTANGLE_DEBUG("Open raw %s", entangle_image_get_filename(image));
if ((ret = libraw_open_file(raw, entangle_image_get_filename(image))) != 0) {
ENTANGLE_DEBUG("Failed to open raw file: %s",
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