Commit 831a3620 authored by Enrico Schumann's avatar Enrico Schumann

Update NEWS

parent 8b988258
v0.6-0 (2019-??-??; not yet released)
o fixed: write_ts_table with option 'add' would
not rewrite (i.e. delete) data before 1 Jan 1970
o write_ts_table: new argument 'replace.file'
o function 'ttime' is now exported
v0.5-0 (2017-10-24)
o fixed: write_ts_table does now also write empty
o write_ts_table: first argument has been renamed 'ts'
o new function 'file_info'
o read_ts_tables: rename argument '' to
'column.names' (plural)
o new ts_table method for as.matrix
v0.4-1 (2017-02-06)
o 'read_ts_tables' has a new argument '',
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