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    Version 0.6-0 · 2cbb4e7b
    Enrico Schumann authored
    o fixed: 'write_ts_table' with option 'add' would
      not rewrite (i.e. delete) data before 1 Jan 1970
    o write_ts_table: new argument 'replace.file'
    o write_ts_table: scientific notation is no longer
      suppressed, i.e. numbers may now be written as
      e.g. 1e10
    o read_ts_tables: new arguments 'read.fn' and
    o read_ts_tables: 'return.class' may also be
    o function 'ttime' is now exported
    o there are public repositories at
      https://github.com/enricoschumann/tsdb and
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