Commit 41956720 authored by Patrick Brunschwig's avatar Patrick Brunschwig

removed duplicate entry for button

improved message for drafts vs S/MIME
parent a489f8ea
......@@ -157,7 +157,7 @@ msgCompose.toolbarTxt.disabled=Enigmail is disabled for the selected identity
msgCompose.toolbarTxt.smime=: S/MIME is enabled - potentially conflicting with Enigmail
msgCompose.toolbarTxt.smimeOff= - S/MIME is therefore not used
msgCompose.toolbarTxt.smimeSignOrEncrypt=S/MIME is enabled - Enigmail is therefore not used
msgCompose.toolbarTxt.smimeNoDraftEncryption=Drafts will not be encrypted!
msgCompose.toolbarTxt.smimeNoDraftEncryption= - drafts will not be encrypted
# note: should end with double newline:
sendAborted=Send operation aborted.\n\n
......@@ -103,10 +103,6 @@ toolbar[iconsize="small"] #button-enigmail-encrypt[disabled] {
list-style-image : url("chrome://enigmail/skin/encrypt-disabled-18.png");
toolbar[iconsize="small"]: #button-enigmail-encrypt[disabled] {
list-style-image : url("chrome://enigmail/skin/encrypt-disabled-18.png");
toolbar[iconsize="small"] #button-enigmail-encrypt[encrypted="activeNone"]
list-style-image : url("chrome://enigmail/skin/encrypt-active-18.png");
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