Commit 1fe8bd22 authored by Ola Bini's avatar Ola Bini

Add a Python test runner that automatically collates test reports and


Contribution from Fan Jiang, Iván Pazmiño and Ola Bini.
parent 9a11ba7d
#!/usr/bin/env python
# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
import sys
import os
import glob
import subprocess
import select
import re
class TestRunner:
IGNORED_TESTS = ['./ipc/tests']
TEST_OUTPUT_FILE = 'test_output.log'
def is_test_file(file):
return file.endswith("-test.js")
def is_ignored(root, file):
for ign in TestRunner.IGNORED_TESTS:
if os.path.join(root, file).startswith(ign):
return True
return False
def all_tests():
for root, dirs, files in os.walk("."):
for file in files:
if TestRunner.is_test_file(file) and not TestRunner.is_ignored(root, file):
yield os.path.join(root, file)
def __init__(self, tbpath, tests):
self.tbpath = tbpath
self.tests = tests
def reset_total(self):
self.total_executed = 0
self.total_succeeded = 0
self.total_failed = 0
def reset_stats(self):
self.executed = 0
self.succeeded = 0
self.failed = 0
def run(self):
with open(TestRunner.TEST_OUTPUT_FILE, 'w') as test_output:
self.test_output = test_output
for t in self.tests:
return (self.total_executed, self.total_succeeded, self.total_failed)
def start_poll(self, tsk):
poll = select.poll()
poll.register(tsk.stdout,select.POLLIN | select.POLLHUP)
poll.register(tsk.stderr,select.POLLIN | select.POLLHUP)
return poll
def check_output(self, rfd, std, on):
if rfd == std.fileno():
line = std.readline()
if len(line) > 0:
def poll(self, pollc, events, poll, tsk, on_stdout, on_stderr):
for event in events:
(rfd,event) = event
if event & select.POLLIN:
self.check_output(rfd, tsk.stdout, on_stdout)
self.check_output(rfd, tsk.stderr, on_stderr)
if event & select.POLLHUP:
pollc = pollc - 1
if pollc > 0:
events = poll.poll()
return (pollc, events)
def polling(self, tsk, on_stdout, on_stderr):
pollc = 2
poll = self.start_poll(tsk)
events = poll.poll()
while pollc > 0 and len(events) > 0:
(pollc, events) = self.poll(pollc, events, poll, tsk, on_stdout, on_stderr)
return tsk.wait()
def is_jsunit(self, str):
return str.startswith("TestResult: ") or str.startswith("AssertionError: ") or str.startswith("RuntimeError: ")
def extract_number(self, str):
return int('\d+', str).group(0))
def analyze_output(self, str):
if str.startswith("TestResult: executed :"):
self.executed = self.extract_number(str)
elif str.startswith("TestResult: succeeded:"):
self.succeeded = self.extract_number(str)
elif str.startswith("TestResult: failed :"):
self.failed = self.extract_number(str)
elif str.startswith("Succeed: "):
print str
def write_to_log(self):
def ret(str):
if self.test_output:
self.test_output.write(str + "\n")
return ret
def combine(self, left, right):
def ret(str):
return ret
def reporting(self):
def ret(str):
if self.is_jsunit(str):
return ret
def add_stats(self):
self.total_executed = self.total_executed + self.executed
self.total_succeeded = self.total_succeeded + self.succeeded
self.total_failed = self.total_failed + self.failed
def spin_test(self, dir_name, tmp_file):
tsk = subprocess.Popen([self.tbpath, '-jsunit', os.path.basename(tmp_file)], stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE, cwd=dir_name)
ret = self.polling(tsk, self.combine(self.write_to_log(), self.reporting()), self.write_to_log())
return ret
def run_test(self, t):
test_name = os.path.basename(t)
dir_name = os.path.dirname(t)
tmp_file = t.replace(".js", "-loader.js")
print "running", t, test_name
with open(tmp_file, 'w') as f:
f.write("do_subtest(\"" + test_name + "\");\n")
return self.spin_test(dir_name, tmp_file)
if __name__ == '__main__':
tbpath = os.environ.get('TB_PATH', '/usr/bin/thunderbird')
if len(sys.argv) < 2:
tests = sorted([f for f in TestRunner.all_tests()])
tests = sys.argv[1:]
(ran, suc, fail) = TestRunner(tbpath, tests).run()
print "Ran " + str(ran) + " tests"
if fail > 0:
print " Had " + str(fail) + " failures"
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