Commit 0d18ac6e authored by Nico Josuttis's avatar Nico Josuttis

option to accept only poersonal keys

parent 3002e64c
......@@ -90,7 +90,10 @@
<!-- basic: accepted keys (trust-model always) -->
<!-- sending preferences: accepted keys -->
<tooltip id="acceptedKeysPersonal.tooltip">
<tooltip id="acceptedKeysValid.tooltip">
......@@ -98,7 +101,7 @@
<!-- basic: auto send encrypted -->
<!-- sending preferences: auto send encrypted -->
<tooltip id="autoSendEncryptedNever.tooltip">
......@@ -271,6 +274,7 @@
label="&enigmail.keepCryptoSettingsForReply.label;" />
<!-- sending preferences: accepted keys -->
<!-- basic: accepted keys (trust-model always) -->
<checkbox id="enigmail_alwaysTrustSend"
......@@ -283,6 +287,10 @@
<radio id="acceptedKeysPersonal"
<radio id="acceptedKeysValid"
......@@ -297,7 +305,7 @@
<checkbox id="enigmail_allowEmptySubject"
<!-- options to automatically send encrypted -->
<!-- sending preferences: auto send encrypted -->
<caption label="&enigmail.autoSendEncryptedOption.label;"/>
<radiogroup id="enigmail_autoSendEncrypted"
......@@ -207,11 +207,13 @@
<!ENTITY enigmail.defaultEncryptionNone.label "No default encryption">
<!ENTITY enigmail.defaultNotSignedsend.label "Do not sign messages by default">
<!ENTITY enigmail.acceptedKeysOption.label "Accept the following keys to send encrypted">
<!ENTITY enigmail.acceptedKeysValid.label "Authenticated keys">
<!ENTITY enigmail.acceptedKeysValid.tooltip "Keys for email recipients are only accepted if they are valid for encryption according to the Web of Trust">
<!ENTITY enigmail.acceptedKeysAll.label "All valid keys (even if not authenticated)">
<!ENTITY enigmail.acceptedKeysAll.tooltip "Keys for email recipients are accepted if not disabled/revoked/expired">
<!ENTITY enigmail.acceptedKeysOption.label "To send encrypted, accept">
<!ENTITY enigmail.acceptedKeysPersonal.label "only keys signed by me personally">
<!ENTITY enigmail.acceptedKeysPersonal.tooltip "This option is provided to deal with the danger of faked keys, when you only trust yourself. You only accept keys that are signed by yourself.">
<!ENTITY enigmail.acceptedKeysValid.label "keys signed by me or other people I trust">
<!ENTITY enigmail.acceptedKeysValid.tooltip "This option is provided to deal with the danger of faked keys using the Web-of-Trust. You only accept keys that are signed by yourself or by other people you trust.">
<!ENTITY enigmail.acceptedKeysAll.label "all keys except disabled, revoked, or expired">
<!ENTITY enigmail.acceptedKeysAll.tooltip "This option allows encryption whenever you have a key that is neither disabled by you nor revoked/expired by the owner. Because these keys are not necessarily validated/signed by you or people you trust, there is a risk that you use faked keys so that others than the requested receivers can read the content of the encrypted email. However, that is still better than sending emails unencrypted.">
<!ENTITY enigmail.autoSendEncryptedOption.label "Automatically send encrypted">
<!ENTITY enigmail.autoSendEncryptedNever.label "Never (except according to recipient rules)">
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