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    add feature to auto send encrypted and update sending preferences dialog · b2d4c99e
    Nico Josuttis authored
      Squashed commit of the following:
        commit 947842f9
        Date:   Thu May 8 18:36:14 2014 +0200
          final fixes before merging AutoSendEncrypted branch into the master
        commit 87dc3175
        Date:   Tue May 6 23:12:53 2014 +0200
          finishing first version of auto-send-encrypted and other sending stuff
        commit 17e0d58d
          persist encryption model
        commit 8dd0f8d2
        Date:   Mon May 5 23:41:56 2014 +0200
          try out convenient/manual settings for sending preferences
        commit 7fbae3e5
        Date:   Fri May 2 09:22:06 2014 +0200
          try to find valid keys inside enigmail
        commit 744fb1d3
          simplified accepted keys stuff
        commit 0d18ac6e
          option to accept only poersonal keys
        commit 91d1db2f
        Date:   Tue Apr 29 07:41:46 2014 +0200
          try different options for accepted keys
        commit 2cda0978
          reduced options and icons update while editing recipients
        commit 5da3971d
        Date:   Sun Apr 20 19:52:22 2014 +0200
          pre-commit hook to detect unexpanded tabs in changes
        commit aa9d2f65
          more conditions for confirmation before sending the final email
           replaces confirmBeforeSend by confirmBeforeSending
           migration from confirmBeforeSend to confirmBeforeSending MISSING
        commit 31916750
        Date:   Sun Apr 20 13:05:58 2014 +0200
          add feature AutoSendEncrypted (basic implementation)
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