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### Interacting with vesting
## Etherscan
Please open
Click Contract section
Check "implementaion". Thir should point to Vestign contract implementation
Open Vesting implementation :
You can see the source code and Vestign contract ABI.
Copy ABI to clipboard.
## MyEtherWallet
Open Contract section in MEW.
Copy ABI from clipboard and set address to Vestign proxy address : 0x67D26E94055220fbae2805A3B86E5EFB78054c53
Click Continue.
Now you can read variables from Vestign contract. Please choose function from list and copy and paste your Ethereum address used for Vesting of EMRX tokens.
Following function will pvodide you with complete set of information:
getAmount(address) -> amount of EMRX granted.
getPeriod(address) -> Number of days in Vesting period
getReleasePeriods(address) -> Number of releases during the period. 1000 EMRX tokens vested for 100 days with 50 release periods means 10 EMRX will be available for withdrawal each 2 days.
getCurrentPeriod(address) - > current period
getStartTime(address) -> start of vesting period in Seconds from 1 Jan 1970 (UNIX timestamp)
withdraw() -> withdraw all avaialble EMRX tokens to yoru Address. Amount of EMRX will appear on your account.
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