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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
  <string id="600">[COLOR FF757677]Open[/COLOR][COLOR FF8ABEE2]ELEC[/COLOR] Settings</string>
  <string id="601">Interface</string>
  <string id="602">Address</string>
  <string id="603">Type</string>
  <string id="604">State</string>
  <string id="605">Address</string>
  <string id="606">Distribution: </string>   
  <string id="607">Version: </string>   
  <string id="608">Architecture: </string> 
  <string id="609">Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Center, or OpenELEC for short, is a small Linux distribution built from scratch as a platform to turn your computer into a complete XBMC media center. OpenELEC is designed to make your system boot as fast as possible and the install is so easy that anyone can turn a blank PC into a media machine in less than 15 minutes.</string>
  <string id="610">[B]Support:[/B][CR]Web:[CR]Forum:[CR]Wiki:[CR][CR][B]Be Social! Besuchen Sie unsere Community:[/B][CR]IRC: #openelec bei (also avaible via our webchat)[CR]Twitter:[CR]Facebook:[CR]Google+:</string>
  <string id="611">If you would like to contribute to the OpenELEC project you can make a donation using PayPal, Flattr or Bitcoin. Donating is easy and takes only a few minutes.</string>    

  <string id="700">700</string>
  <string id="701">701</string>
  <string id="702">702</string>
  <string id="703">703</string>
  <string id="704">704</string>
  <string id="705">705</string>
  <string id="706">706</string>
  <string id="707">707</string>
  <string id="708">708</string>
  <string id="709">709</string>
  <string id="710">710</string>
  <string id="711">711</string>
  <string id="712">712</string>
  <string id="713">713</string>
  <string id="714">714</string>
  <string id="715">715</string>
  <string id="716">716</string>
  <string id="717">717</string>
  <string id="718">718</string>
  <string id="719">719</string>
  <string id="720">720</string>
  <string id="721">721</string>
  <string id="722">722</string>
  <string id="723">723</string>
  <string id="724">724</string>
  <string id="725">725</string>
  <string id="726">726</string>
  <string id="727">727</string>
  <string id="728">728</string>
  <string id="729">729</string>
  <string id="730">730</string>
  <string id="731">731</string>
  <string id="732">732</string>
  <string id="733">733</string>
  <string id="734">734</string>
  <string id="735">735</string>
  <string id="736">736</string>
  <string id="737">737</string>
  <string id="738">738</string>
  <string id="739">739</string>
  <string id="740">740</string>
  <string id="741">741</string>
  <string id="742">742</string>
  <string id="743">743</string>
  <string id="744">744</string>
  <string id="745">745</string>
  <string id="746">746</string>
  <string id="747">747</string>
  <string id="748">748</string>
  <string id="749">749</string>
  <string id="750">750</string>
 	<string id="32000">Network</string>
	<string id="32001">Services</string>
	<string id="32002">System</string>
	<string id="32003">Interface</string>
	<string id="32004">IP Address</string>
	<string id="32005">Type</string>
	<string id="32006">State</string>
	<string id="32007">Driver</string>
	<string id="32008">LCD/VFD Driver</string>
 	<string id="32009">Keyboard</string>
	<string id="32010">Keyboard Layout</string>
	<string id="32011">Power Saving</string>
	<string id="32012">Sleep hard drive after (minutes)</string>
	<string id="32013">Updates</string>
	<string id="32014">Automatic Updates</string>
	<string id="32100">Connections</string>
	<string id="32101">Network</string>
	<string id="32102">Wireless Networks</string>
	<string id="32103">Wired Networks</string>
	<string id="32104">VPN</string>
	<string id="32105">Active</string>
	<string id="32106">Username</string>
	<string id="32107">Password</string>
	<string id="32108">Tethering</string>
	<string id="32109">Connect Automatically</string>
	<string id="32110">Connection</string>
	<string id="32111">IPv4</string>
	<string id="32112">IPv6</string>
	<string id="32113">IP Address Method</string>
	<string id="32114">IP Address</string>
	<string id="32115">Subnet Mask</string>
	<string id="32116">Default Gateway</string>
	<string id="32117">Prefix Length</string>
	<string id="32118">Privacy</string>
	<string id="32119">DNS Servers</string>
	<string id="32120">Nameserver #1</string>
	<string id="32121">Nameserver #2</string>
	<string id="32122">Nameserver #3</string>
	<string id="32123">NTP Servers</string>
	<string id="32124">Timeserver #1</string>
	<string id="32125">Timeserver #2</string>
	<string id="32126">Timeserver #3</string>
	<string id="32127">DNS Domains</string>
	<string id="32128">Domain #1</string>
	<string id="32129">Domain #2</string>
	<string id="32130">Domain #3</string>
	<string id="32131">VPN Type</string>
	<string id="32132">Network Name</string>
	<string id="32133">VPN Server</string>
	<string id="32134">VPN DNS Domain</string>
	<string id="32135">VPN Cookie</string>
	<string id="32136">Server Certificate</string>
	<string id="32137">Certificate Autority Certificate</string>
	<string id="32138">Certificate</string>
	<string id="32139">Key</string>
	<string id="32140">Save</string>
	<string id="32141">Delete</string>
	<string id="32142">Refresh</string>
 	<string id="32143">Disconnect</string>
 	<string id="32144">Connect</string>
	<string id="32145">Unable to connect</string>
	<string id="32146">Hidden Network Name</string>
	<string id="32147">Wireless Network Passphrase</string>
	<string id="32148">Wireless Network Username</string>
	<string id="32149">Add VPN</string>
	<string id="32150">Edit</string>
	<string id="32151">Refuse EAP</string>
	<string id="32152">Refuse PAP</string>
	<string id="32153">Refuse CHAP</string>
	<string id="32154">Refuse MS-CHAP</string>
	<string id="32155">Refuse MS-CHAP v2</string>
	<string id="32156">Require MPPE</string>
	<string id="32157">Require MPPE (40 bit)</string>
	<string id="32158">Require MPPE (128 bit)</string>
	<string id="32159">Require Stateful MPPE</string>
	<string id="32160">Disable BSD Compression</string>
	<string id="32161">Disable VJ Compression</string>
	<string id="32162">LCP Echo Failure</string>
	<string id="32163">LCP Echo Interval</string>
	<string id="32164">Disable Deflate Compression</string>
	<string id="32165">MTU</string>
	<string id="32166">NSCertType</string>
	<string id="32167">Proto</string>
	<string id="32168">Port</string>
	<string id="32169">AuthUserPass</string>
	<string id="32170">AskPass</string>
	<string id="32171">AuthNoCache</string>
	<string id="32172">TLSRemote</string>
	<string id="32173">TLSAuth</string>
	<string id="32174">TLSAuthDir</string>
	<string id="32175">Auth</string>
	<string id="32176">CompLZO</string>
	<string id="32177">RemoteCertTls</string>
	<string id="32178">ConfigFile</string>
	<string id="32179">Update Available</string>
	<string id="32180">Would you like to update OpenELEC now?</string>
	<string id="32181">Filename</string>
	<string id="32182">Download speed</string>   
	<string id="32183">Time remaining</string> 
	<string id="32184">Extract file</string>        
	<string id="32185">Extract speed</string>   
	<string id="32186">Initialize Archive File</string> 
	<string id="32187">Latest Version</string>
  <string id="32188">Current Version</string> 
  <string id="32189">Identification</string>
  <string id="32190">System Name</string>
  <string id="32191">Error</string>
  <string id="32192">Unable to connect to Network</string>
  <string id="32193">Service</string>
  <string id="32194">Restart Networking</string>  
  <string id="32195">Support</string>
  <string id="32196">About</string>    
  <string id="32197">Update now</string> 
  <string id="32198">SSID</string>   
  <string id="32199">If you would like to contribute to the OpenELEC project you can make a donation using [CR]PayPal, Flattr or Bitcoin. Donating is easy and takes only a few minutes.</string>
  <string id="32200">Samba</string>
  <string id="32201">SSH</string>    
  <string id="32202">Use Samba Password Authentication</string> 
  <string id="32203">Disable SSH Password</string>   
  <string id="32204">Enable Samba</string>   
  <string id="32205">Enable SSH</string>
  <string id="32206">Enable Avahi (Zeroconf)</string> 
  <string id="32207">Avahi</string> 
  <string id="32208">Hidden Wlan</string> 
  <string id="32209">Proxy Server</string>
  <string id="32210">Auto Proxy URL</string>  
  <string id="32211">Proxy Servers</string>
  <string id="32212">Cancel</string> 
  <string id="32213">Exit</string>
  <string id="32214">Upload Logfiles</string>
  <string id="32215">Invalid Email Address</string>
  <string id="32300">Welcome to [COLOR FF757677]Open[/COLOR][COLOR FF8ABEE2]ELEC[/COLOR]</string> 
  <string id="32301">Welcome</string>
  <string id="32302">This wizard will guide you through the process of setting up your new [COLOR FF757677]Open[/COLOR][COLOR FF8ABEE2]ELEC[/COLOR] installation - setting you location, timzeone and connecting you to the internet.[CR][CR]These settings can be changed later by navigating to Programs > [COLOR FF757677]Open[/COLOR][COLOR FF8ABEE2]ELEC[/COLOR] Settings.[CR][CR]To begin your [COLOR FF757677]Open[/COLOR][COLOR FF8ABEE2]ELEC[/COLOR] experience, select your regional settings and your keyboard layout, then click Next.</string>
  <string id="32303">Next</string> 
  <string id="32304">To be identified easily on the network, your new [COLOR FF757677]Open[/COLOR][COLOR FF8ABEE2]ELEC[/COLOR] machine needs a name.[CR][CR]Try to choose something meaningful - like the room it's in - so you'll know what it is when you see it on the network.[CR][CR]This name is used when configuring network services, like file sharing using samba.</string>
  <string id="32305">Networking</string> 
  <string id="32306">In order to download backdrops, banners and thumbnails for your movies and TV shows and to stream online content from sites like YouTube, [COLOR FF757677]Open[/COLOR][COLOR FF8ABEE2]ELEC[/COLOR] needs to be connected the Internet.[CR][CR]An Internet connection is also required for [COLOR FF757677]Open[/COLOR][COLOR FF8ABEE2]ELEC[/COLOR] to automatically update itself.</string>                        
  <string id="32307">Select your Regional Settings:</string> 
  <string id="32308">Hostname:</string> 
  <string id="32309">The following Networks are currently available:</string> 
  <string id="32310">Keyboard:</string>  
  <string id="32311">Sharing and Remote Access</string>  
  <string id="32312">[COLOR FF757677]Open[/COLOR][COLOR FF8ABEE2]ELEC[/COLOR] also supports SSH for remote access. This is for advanced users who wish to interact with [COLOR FF757677]Open[/COLOR][COLOR FF8ABEE2]ELEC[/COLOR]'s underlying operating system. The default user is [COLOR blue]root[/COLOR] and the default password is [COLOR blue]openelec.[/COLOR]</string>
  <string id="32313">In order to share your files between your computers [COLOR FF757677]Open[/COLOR][COLOR FF8ABEE2]ELEC[/COLOR] has incorporated a samba server. This samba server can be integrated into your local network by accessing it in a familiar way with Finder or Windows Explorer.</string>                        
  <string id="32314">enabled</string>
  <string id="32315">disabled</string>
  <string id="32316">Configure Services:</string>
  <string id="32317">Thank you</string>
  <string id="32318">You [COLOR FF757677]Open[/COLOR][COLOR FF8ABEE2]ELEC[/COLOR] installation is now complete and you'll now enter XBMC when you can set up your media libraries. For help with this, there is a guide available at[CR][CR][COLOR FF757677]Open[/COLOR][COLOR FF8ABEE2]ELEC[/COLOR] is developed by a dedicated team of developers who work purely in their spare time. Even as a volunteer project, we still have to pay for our internet bandwidth and development resources so if you find [COLOR FF757677]Open[/COLOR][COLOR FF8ABEE2]ELEC[/COLOR] useful, we will always appreciate a donation of any amount.[CR][CR]Finally, we hope you enjoy using [COLOR FF757677]Open[/COLOR][COLOR FF8ABEE2]ELEC[/COLOR] as much as we've enjoying building it. If you need any more help, you can find links to get help along with latest news at</string>  
  <string id="32319">Cron</string>
  <string id="32320">Enable Cron</string>
  <string id="32321">Virtual Private Networks</string>
  <string id="32322">Add new VPN configuration</string>  
  <string id="32323">Reset to Defaults</string>
  <string id="32324">Reset XBMC to defaults</string>
  <string id="32325">Reset OpenELEC to defaults</string> 
  <string id="32326">Are you sure?</string>  
  <string id="32328">The system must reboot.</string> 
  <string id="32329">Rebooting in %d seconds</string>
  <string id="32330">Keyboard Type</string>
  <string id="32331">Bluetooth</string>
  <string id="32332">Address</string>
  <string id="32333">Connected: </string>
  <string id="32334">Yes</string> 
  <string id="32335">No</string> 
  <string id="32336">Start Discovery</string> 
  <string id="32337">Stop Discovery</string>     
  <string id="32338">No Bluetooth adapter found.</string> 
  <string id="32339">No Bluetooth device found. Please put your Bluetooth device into discovery mode[CR]and start the scan</string>    
  <string id="32340">Syslog</string> 
  <string id="32341">Enable Remote Syslog</string>
  <string id="32342">Syslog Server IP Address</string> 
  <string id="32343">Enter the following Key on your Device.</string>  
  <string id="32344">Disable Bluetooth</string>  
  <string id="32345">Bluetooth daemon is not running!</string>
  <string id="32346">Bluetooth is disabled</string> 
  <string id="32347">Enable hard drive sleep when idle</string> 
  <string id="32348">Network Mounts</string>
  <string id="32349">Add</string> 
  <string id="32350">Mount</string> 
  <string id="32351">Type</string>
  <string id="32352">Mount Point</string>
  <string id="32353">Server</string>
  <string id="32354">Share</string>
  <string id="32355">Username</string>
  <string id="32356">Password</string>
  <string id="32357">Mount Options</string>
  <string id="32358">Trust and Connect</string>  
  <string id="32359">Support</string>
  <string id="32360">Please enter your eMail Address</string>
  <string id="32361">The following Informations are Invalid:</string>
  <string id="32362">Check for updates now:</string>
  <string id="32363">[COLOR FF757677]Open[/COLOR][COLOR FF8ABEE2]ELEC[/COLOR]</string>
  <string id="32364">Update available</string>
  <string id="32365">Show Update Notifications</string> 
  <string id="32366">Update Download Completed</string>
  <string id="32367">Update Extract Complete</string>     
  <string id="32368">Advanced Networ Settings</string>   
  <string id="32369">Wait for network before starting XBMC</string>  
  <string id="32370">Maximum Wait Time (Sec.)</string>  
  <string id="32371">Backup</string>  
  <string id="32372">Create System and XBMC Backup</string>  
  <string id="32373">Restore Backup</string>         
  <string id="32375">Backup Progress</string>  
  <string id="32376">Select a Backup destination directory</string>
  <string id="32377">Select the Backup file to restore</string>    
  <string id="32378">The information you entered is incomplete</string>          
276 277
  <string id="32379">There is not enough free space on the system storage</string>     
  <string id="32380">Restoring system settings requires a reboot. Are you sure you want to restore ?</string>     
278 279