In TYPEP, support * in CONS type specifiers, as in (typep (cons 1 2) '(CONS * t))

parent 1fb93d77
......@@ -481,8 +481,12 @@ Returns T if X belongs to TYPE; NIL otherwise."
(SEQUENCE (or (listp object) (vectorp object)))
(CONS (and (consp object)
(or (endp i) (typep (car object) (first i)))
(or (endp (cdr i)) (typep (cdr object) (second i)))))
(or (endp i)
(let ((car-type (first i)))
(or (eq car-type '*) (typep (car object) car-type))))
(or (endp (cdr i))
(let ((cdr-type (second i)))
(or (eq cdr-type '*) (typep (cdr object) cdr-type))))))
(and (base-string-p object)
(or (null i) (match-dimensions object i))))
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