Commit e00ffc76 authored by Juanjo Garcia-Ripoll's avatar Juanjo Garcia-Ripoll Committed by Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll

Computation of pathnames in src/tests/ was broken under Windows

parent 57cd6e30
...@@ -12,9 +12,13 @@ ...@@ -12,9 +12,13 @@
(setf *load-verbose* nil *load-print* nil) (setf *load-verbose* nil *load-print* nil)
(defvar *ecl-sources* "@top_srcdir@/") (defvar *ecl-sources*
(loop for *default-pathname-defaults* in
'(#p"@top_srcdir@/" #p"../../" #p"../../src/")
when (probe-file "CHANGELOG")
return *default-pathname-defaults*))
(defvar *test-sources* "@top_srcdir@/tests/") (defvar *test-sources* (merge-pathnames "tests/" *ecl-sources*))
(defvar *here* (merge-pathnames "@builddir@/")) (defvar *here* (merge-pathnames "@builddir@/"))
...@@ -48,7 +52,7 @@ ...@@ -48,7 +52,7 @@
(defvar *quicklisp-setup-file* (merge-pathnames "setup.lisp" *quicklisp-sandbox*)) (defvar *quicklisp-setup-file* (merge-pathnames "setup.lisp" *quicklisp-sandbox*))
(defvar *regressions-sources* "@top_srcdir@/tests/bugs/") (defvar *regressions-sources* (merge-pathnames "bugs/" *test-sources*))
(defvar *regressions-sandbox* (merge-pathnames "regressions/" *here*)) (defvar *regressions-sandbox* (merge-pathnames "regressions/" *here*))
...@@ -140,6 +144,8 @@ ...@@ -140,6 +144,8 @@
t) t)
(defun copy-directory (orig dest) (defun copy-directory (orig dest)
(setf orig (truename orig))
(print dest)
(loop for f in (directory (merge-pathnames *wild-inferiors* orig)) (loop for f in (directory (merge-pathnames *wild-inferiors* orig))
for f2 = (enough-namestring f orig) for f2 = (enough-namestring f orig)
for f3 = (merge-pathnames f2 dest) for f3 = (merge-pathnames f2 dest)
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