Commit 95dd38ab authored by Daniel Kochmański's avatar Daniel Kochmański

defclass: make sure that defclass option "NIL" errors

This is as for CLHS section 7.1.2. Error was caused by the fact that
unknown-key was a flag, so if the initarg was NIL, we were assigning
it value NIL, what is also a boolean false. Right now we collect all
invalid initargs in a list, so in case of NIL we'll get (NIL) what is
a generalized boolean true value. Closes #474.

Also add cosmetic fixes with declarations.
parent 2f15d4fa
......@@ -164,7 +164,6 @@
(finalize-inheritance class)))
(defmethod initialize-instance ((class class) &rest initargs &key direct-slots direct-superclasses)
(declare (ignore sealedp))
;; convert the slots from lists to direct slots
(apply #'call-next-method class
......@@ -220,7 +219,7 @@
(defmethod shared-initialize ((class std-class) slot-names &rest initargs &key
(optimize-slot-access (list *optimize-slot-access*))
(declare (ignore initargs slot-names))
(declare (ignore slot-names))
(setf (slot-value class 'optimize-slot-access) (first optimize-slot-access)
(slot-value class 'sealedp) (and sealedp t))
(setf class (call-next-method))
......@@ -632,11 +631,11 @@ because it contains a reference to the undefined class~% ~A"
(do* ((name-loc initargs (cddr name-loc))
(allow-other-keys nil)
(allow-other-keys-found nil)
(unknown-key nil))
(unknown-key-names nil))
((null name-loc)
(when (and (not allow-other-keys) unknown-key)
(simple-program-error "Unknown initialization option ~S for class ~A"
unknown-key class)))
(when (and (not allow-other-keys) unknown-key-names)
(simple-program-error "Unknown initialization options ~S for class ~A."
(nreverse unknown-key-names) class)))
(let ((name (first name-loc)))
(cond ((null (cdr name-loc))
(simple-program-error "No value supplied for the init-name ~S." name))
......@@ -652,7 +651,7 @@ because it contains a reference to the undefined class~% ~A"
((member name cached-keywords))
((and methods (member name methods :test #'member :key #'method-keywords)))
(setf unknown-key name)))))))
(push name unknown-key-names)))))))
;;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------
;;; Methods
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