DRIBBLE now changes *standard-input/output* instead of terminal-io

parent 202ff8b3
......@@ -196,43 +196,46 @@ printed. If FORMAT-STRING is NIL, however, no prompt will appear."
(set-dispatch-macro-character #\# #\s 'sharp-s-reader)
(set-dispatch-macro-character #\# #\S 'sharp-s-reader)
(defvar *dribble-stream* nil)
(defvar *dribble-io* nil)
(defvar *dribble-namestring* nil)
(defvar *dribble-saved-terminal-io* nil)
(defvar *dribble-closure* nil)
(defun dribble (&optional (pathname "DRIBBLE.LOG" psp))
"Args: (&optional filespec)
If FILESPEC is given, starts recording the interaction to the specified file.
FILESPEC may be a symbol, a string, a pathname, or a file stream. If FILESPEC
is not given, ends the recording."
(cond ((not psp)
(when (null *dribble-stream*) (error "Not in dribble."))
(if (eq *dribble-io* *terminal-io*)
(setq *terminal-io* *dribble-saved-terminal-io*)
(warn "*TERMINAL-IO* was rebound while DRIBBLE is on.~%~
You may miss some dribble output."))
(close *dribble-stream*)
(setq *dribble-stream* nil)
(format t "~&Finished dribbling to ~A." *dribble-namestring*))
(error "Already in dribble (to ~A)." *dribble-namestring*))
(cond (*dribble-closure*
(funcall *dribble-closure* psp))
((null psp)
(error "Not in dribble."))
(let* ((namestring (namestring pathname))
(stream (open pathname :direction :output
:if-exists :supersede
:if-does-not-exist :create)))
(setq *dribble-namestring* namestring
*dribble-stream* stream
*dribble-saved-terminal-io* *terminal-io*
*dribble-io* (make-two-way-stream
:if-does-not-exist :create))
(dribble-stream (make-two-way-stream
(make-echo-stream *terminal-io* stream)
(make-broadcast-stream *terminal-io* stream))
*terminal-io* *dribble-io*)
(make-broadcast-stream *terminal-io* stream)))
(standard-input *standard-input*)
(standard-output *standard-output*)
(closure #'(lambda (pathname-p)
(when pathname-p
(error "Already in dribble (to ~A)" namestring))
(unless (and (eq dribble-stream *standard-input*)
(eq dribble-stream *standard-output*))
(warn "Stream variables rebound while DRIBBLE is on.~%Some output may be lost."))
(format stream "~&Finished dribbling to ~A." namestring)
(close stream)
(setq *standard-input* standard-input
*standard-output* standard-output
*dribble-closure* nil))))
(multiple-value-bind (sec min hour day month year)
(format t "~&Starts dribbling to ~A (~d/~d/~d, ~d:~d:~d)."
namestring year month day hour min sec))))))
(format dribble-stream "~&Starts dribbling to ~A (~d/~d/~d, ~d:~d:~d)."
namestring year month day hour min sec)
(setq *standard-input* dribble-stream
*standard-output* dribble-stream
*dribble-closure* closure)))))
;(provide 'iolib)
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