Commit 3f74981b authored by Daniel Kochmański's avatar Daniel Kochmański

predlib: fix bogs expand-deftype

Signed-off-by: Daniel Kochmański's avatarDaniel Kochmański <>
parent 0359b79c
......@@ -652,25 +652,22 @@ Returns T if X belongs to TYPE; NIL otherwise."
(setq tp (car type) i (cdr type))
(setq fd (get-sysprop tp 'DEFTYPE-DEFINITION)))
(normalize-type (apply fd i)))
(normalize-type (funcall fd i nil)))
((and (eq tp 'INTEGER) (consp (cadr i)))
(values tp (list (car i) (1- (caadr i)))))
(t (values tp i))))
(defun expand-deftype (type)
(cond ((symbolp type)
(let ((fd (get-sysprop type 'DEFTYPE-DEFINITION)))
(if fd
(expand-deftype (funcall fd))
((and (consp type)
(symbolp type))
(let ((fd (get-sysprop (first type) 'DEFTYPE-DEFINITION)))
(if fd
(expand-deftype (funcall fd (rest type)))
(let (base args)
(if (atom type)
(setf base type
args nil)
(setf base (car type)
args (cdr type)))
(let ((fn (get-sysprop base 'SI::DEFTYPE-DEFINITION)))
(if fn
(expand-deftype (funcall fn args nil))
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