Commit 21909743 authored by Daniel Kochmański's avatar Daniel Kochmański

Merge branch 'loop-iteration-types' into 'develop'

loop: fix type declarations for iteration variables

Closes #455

See merge request !133
parents c447fea0 7a06d979
Pipeline #45574078 failed with stage
......@@ -1256,7 +1256,7 @@ collected result will be returned as the value of the LOOP."
(setq pseudo-steps (nconc pseudo-steps (copy-list (car (setq tem (cdr tem))))))
(setq tem (cdr tem))
(when *loop-emitted-body*
(loop-error "Iteration in LOOP follows body code. This error is typicall caused
(loop-error "Iteration in LOOP follows body code. This error is typically caused
by a WHILE, UNTIL or similar condition placed in between FOR, AS, and similar iterations.
Note that this is not a valid ANSI code."))
(unless tem (setq tem data))
......@@ -1684,22 +1684,32 @@ Note that this is not a valid ANSI code."))
(when step-hack
(setq step-hack `(,variable ,step-hack)))
(let ((first-test test) (remaining-tests test))
(when (and stepby-constantp start-constantp limit-constantp)
(when (and stepby-constantp start-constantp)
;; We can make the number type more precise when we know the
;; start, end and step values.
(let ((new-type (typecase (+ start-value stepby limit-value)
(let ((new-type (typecase (+ start-value stepby)
(integer (if (and (fixnump start-value)
(fixnump limit-value))
(< limit-value most-positive-fixnum)
(> limit-value most-negative-fixnum))
(single-float 'single-float)
(double-float 'double-float)
(long-float 'long-float)
(short-float 'short-float)
(t indexv-type))))
(unless (subtypep (type-of start-value) new-type)
;; The start type may not be a subtype of the type during
;; iteration. Happens e.g. when stepping a fixnum start
;; value by a float.
(setf new-type `(or ,(type-of start-value) ,new-type)))
(unless (subtypep indexv-type new-type)
(loop-declare-variable indexv new-type)))
(when (setq first-test (funcall (symbol-function testfn) start-value limit-value))
(when (and limit-constantp
(setq first-test (funcall (symbol-function testfn)
(setq remaining-tests t)))
`(() (,indexv ,step) ,remaining-tests ,step-hack
() () ,first-test ,step-hack))))
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