Commit 0fcf21b4 authored by Daniel Kochmański's avatar Daniel Kochmański

tests: compiler: add regression test for constant folding.

parent 0033f24b
Pipeline #59791644 passed with stage
......@@ -1525,3 +1525,18 @@
(is (and (not (subtypep '(complex bit) '(complex double-float)))
(not (subtypep '(complex double-float) '(complex bit) )))))
;;; Date 2019-04-26
;;; URL:
;;; Fixed: 60978163
;;; Description
;;; Constant folding first dropped the multiple values, then
;;; refused to compile properly for not self-evaluating ones. This
;;; test checks if both cases are compiled correctly.
(test cmp.0072.cmp-constant-fold
(let (f1 f2)
(finishes (setq f1 (compile nil '(lambda () (byte 0 0)))))
(finishes (setq f2 (compile nil '(lambda () (truncate 2 1)))))
(is (equal '(0 . 0) (funcall f1)))
(is (equal '(2 0) (multiple-value-list (funcall f2))))))
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