Commit 612eeb5e authored by Daniel Kochmański's avatar Daniel Kochmański fix libecl flags expansion

Closes #398. Patch provided by Mark Cox.
parent 0aec77cb
Pipeline #10510656 passed with stage
......@@ -171,8 +171,12 @@ $(ECL_CMPDIR)/cmpdefs.lsp: $(ECL_CMPDIR)/cmpdefs.pre
sed -e 's,@ecldir\\@,$(ecldir),g' \
-e 's,@libdir\\@,$(libdir),g' \
-e 's,@includedir\\@,$(includedir),g' < $(ECL_CMPDIR)/cmpdefs.pre > [email protected]
# @[email protected] expansion may contain @[email protected] on OSX
compile.lsp: compile.pre
sed -e 's,@ecldir\\@,$(ecldir),g' < compile.pre > compile.lsp
sed -e 's,@ecldir\\@,$(ecldir),g' \
-e 's,@libdir\\@,$(libdir),g' < compile.pre > compile.lsp
bin/ecl-config: bin/ecl-config.pre
sed -e 's,@libdir\\@,$(libdir),' \
-e 's,@includedir\\@,$(includedir),' \
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