Commit 9c5b50f6 authored by Benjamin Slade's avatar Benjamin Slade

various bug fixes & post-installation script

- add post-installation
  - with attempted work-around from grub-probe issue
parent d81d83b0
. # get old variables from previous steps too
# fix grub-probe - doesn't work; probably needs to be run after boot of actual system
ln -s /dev/mapper/${LUKSNAME} /dev/${LUKSNAME}
if [ ${NETWORKMAN} == "Y" ]
rm -fr /var/service/dhcpcd
rm -fr /var/service/wpa_supplicant
ln -s /etc/sv/NetworkManager /var/service
ln -s /etc/sv/dbus /var/service
echo "You will want to continue post-installation configuration of Void, perhaps particularly including network configuration and enablig of sudo access for wheel group via 'visudo'. Please refer to the Void Wiki, particularly:"
echo ""
echo ""
echo ""
read -p "Press <return> to clean-up files and exit from root." exiting
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