Commit 913c0fb5 authored by Benjamin Slade's avatar Benjamin Slade

add & pre-init stage

parent 7392d385
# assuming use of hrmpf [ ]
# - none of this is perhaps strictly necessary and may change
# get rid of old kernel to save dkms compilation time
xbps-remove linux4.9 linux4.9-headers
# update essential things - xbps
xbps-install -Su
# warn user about time
echo "You may want to go and put the kettle on; this can take a bit"
# then install up-to-date zfs (the long bit)
xbps-install zfs
# modprobe: activate zfs
/sbin/modprobe zfs
Run each script in order with =. <scriptname>= (in order to make variables available to next stage).
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