Commit df1fc5d8 authored by Alex Kost's avatar Alex Kost

elisp/command: Disambiguate "--list-profiles" package option

Reported by ksg at <> and
by zimoun at <#24>.

This option was added by

* elisp/guix-command.el (guix-command-improve-package-argument): Use "P"
  for "--list-profiles" (as "l" is already used by "--list-generations").
parent e0f1c080
......@@ -317,6 +317,7 @@ to be modified."
;; and --do-not-upgrade, use them only as options (not as switches).
("--upgrade" :switch? nil)
("--do-not-upgrade" :char ?n :switch? nil)
("--list-profiles" :char ?P)
("--roll-back" :char ?R)
("--show" :char ?h :fun guix-read-package-name)))
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