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      drm/msm: revert async commit support · bb060461
      Brian Masney authored
      This patch reverts the following three commits that introduced async
      commit support in the MSM driver:
          d934a712 ("drm/msm: add atomic traces")
          2d99ced7 ("drm/msm: async commit support")
          194fc68d7a49 ("drm/msm/dpu: async commit support")
      Since this was introduced, the command mode panel on the Nexus 5 began
      reporting the following errors:
          msm fd900000.mdss: pp done time out, lm=0
      modetest from the libdrm tests reports that the page flips drop with
      this issue present:
          $ modetest -v -s 32:1080x1920
          trying to open device 'msm'...done
          setting mode [email protected] on connectors 32, crtc 50
          freq: 13.50Hz
          freq: 13.51Hz
          freq: 13.51Hz
      This revert fixes the 'pp done time out' errors and gets the panel
      running at the expected refresh rate again:
          $ modetest -v -s 32:1080x19
          trying to open device 'msm'...done
          setting mode [email protected] on connectors 32, crtc 50
          failed to set gamma: Function not implemented
          freq: 59.40Hz
          freq: 59.69Hz
          freq: 59.69Hz
      This isn't an ideal long-term solution. One possible fix is to enable
      the autorefresh feature as described on this patch:
      https://lore.kernel.org/lkml/[email protected]/
      However the patch is not fully working as expected yet. More background
      discussion is available at:
      https://lore.kernel.org/dri-devel/[email protected]/Signed-off-by: Brian Masney's avatarBrian Masney <[email protected]>
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